Let's Return...

to Purity

We use our Nanotrite premium filtration to return your source water back to its original purity. 

to Design

Award-winning design. 2021 Pent Award Silver Medal for Sustainability and GPI Clear Choice Award.

TO community

We are dedicated to helping our Main St. become single-use plastic bottle free by 2022.


Let’s return back to the old way of doing things: one that promotes human to human interaction without plastics, shipping and waste.



A Veteran-owned business, Boomerang Water is the world’s first on-site, micro-bottling solution to economically replace plastic water bottles. We are committed to disrupting current water bottling practices to end single-use plastic and shipping.  


Our zero waste system washes, sanitizes, fills, and caps reusable (and customizable) glass or aluminum bottles with pure, premium water at the point of use to maximize freshness and keep source water local.


22 billion plastic water bottles are thrown away in the US every year. It will take over 1000 years for those bottles to biodegrade. Our system replaces the need for single-use plastics, eliminating waste and reducing carbon emissions.

Award Winning Design​

We partnered with the world’s largest aluminum and glass manufacturers, Ball Corporation and Owens-Illinois, to produce our award winning glass and aluminum bottles, designed for returnability, durability, and functionality. 


WATCH Owens Illinois
Makes our Award Winning Bottle


Check out the video our Aluminum Bottle Design Team, Illuminati Group, made for Ball.


"While serving four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, I couldn’t believe how many plastic water bottles were being flown in from far away places and discarded in burn pits. Sadly, things didn’t look much better in the States, so I committed to finding a better way to bottle, distribute, and recover single-use water bottles. The answer wasn’t following the obvious big beverage route, but instead doing it all onsite.”​

Founder and CEO, Jason Dibble

Made by Vets who give a Damn

Thousands of servicemen have been tragically affected by toxic gas and chemical exposure from burn pits. We are inspired by the efforts of the Hunter Seven Foundation. Please check out their work here. 

What clients are saying

"We are proud to have an Alpha subsidiary serving as the first satellite location for Boomerang’s state-of-the-art filtration and bottling system. The Boomerang team’s innovation and creativity on this project have been exceptional. Not only can we now provide ultra-pure water in sustainable containers to employees in this area, but we expect to dramatically reduce our plastic waste at Marfork by eliminating traditional bottled water. With nearly three months of history with the system now, its performance (and the Boomerang team’s responsiveness to questions and minor modifications) has been tremendous."
Andy Eidson
President & CFO
"Working with the Team at Boomerang to install and implement their product was truly inspiring. It’s not often that you are able to collaborate and participate in a process that will revolutionize and redefine how we provide the purest water with little to no impact on the environment. The simplicity, speed, and durability of the system is emblematic of the Team’s engineering brilliance. However, the Team does not limit themselves from simply delivering a machine only, as they are engaged throughout the process to understand how each location can maximize and efficiently create a complete cyclical process that minimizes bottle replacement and labor. In today’s hyper paced market, it’s inspiring to know that we were afforded an opportunity to participate in a process that will give back to future generations."
Ian Williams
General Manager