How our system works

4 easy steps to sustainable bottled water

The Boomerang Bottling System makes reducing plastic waste easy. Our closed-loop, semi-automated system fits back of house and uses locally sourced water to fill up to 400 reusable bottles an hour. Just load, process, distribute, return, and repeat!

Step 1


One person operating the machine can refill over 3,000 bottles a day.

Step 2


Sit back as the machine does the work. Boomerang requires minimal training.

Step 3


Make refilled water bottles available in vending machines or through your current systems.

Step 4


Workers and guests can return empty bottles to customizable bins. Typical return rates are over 90%!

Ultra-filtered water

Our Nanotrite filtration system removes toxins, heavy metals, and microplastics during refilling while allowing natural minerals and electrolytes to pass though—so your guests and workers can drink the purest, most refreshing water possible.

More than a program, a partnership

We’re here to help our customers be successful—because reducing plastic waste is important for everyone!

Onsite training

24/7 support

Educational and marketing materials

Monthly ESG report

Frequently asked questions

The Boomerang Bottling System is capable of processing approximately 3000 bottles per 8 hour shift, that’s 350-400 bottles per hour, making it a highly efficient and productive solution for businesses and organizations looking to reduce their plastic waste and promote sustainable hydration.

Our Boomerang Bottling System 3 year lease starts as low as $2,500 per month.

Boomerang takes pride in delivering top-notch customer service. We offer remote system tracking to ensure efficient operation, including processing, filling, and filter replacement. Our customer success team is always available to assist and provide training on system use and sustainability best practices.

We are committed to being transparent with our pricing and have no hidden fees. Our fair and upfront pricing allows you to enjoy the benefits of our sustainable bottled water system without surprises. Here is a breakdown of the supplies required outside of the lease agreement:

Bottles: Our standard label bottle costs as little as $2 per bottle for your initial run and replacement inventory. Custom bottles range from $2.50-$5.00 per bottle depending on design. We work with you to create a bottle recovery system that suits your unique business needs. We monitor the recovery process and work closely with you to optimize your recovery rates.

Bottle Caps: Our system requires a new cap on every filled bottle, costing 24 cents each. We monitor cap usage to ensure an adequate supply and maintain water quality.

Cleaning Supplies: Our proprietary Boomerang Bottle Wash and Sanitizer is cost-effective and only available from us. We monitor your usage to ensure that you never run out.

On-Site Feasibility: For a reasonable fee, we conduct an onsite feasibility study to ensure that our system is a perfect fit for your location.

Service Charge: A reasonable fee applies for service visits beyond the scope of our maintenance plan.

We offer sustainable and durable customizable aluminum and glass bottles, with a minimum order of 96 bottles. Our design studio works with your team to create unique designs starting at $2.50 per bottle, depending on the design complexity.

Our glass and aluminum bottles are the same price, and using custom bottles helps to promote your brand while reducing plastic waste. The bottles are reusable, with the cost drawn down through recovery programs. Our prices are competitive with other bottled water options, providing an affordable and eco-friendly solution for businesses of all sizes.

We are committed to providing our clients with regular updates on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact. As part of our monthly ESG reporting service, we collect and analyze data from our bottling systems and recovery programs to provide clients with a report on their carbon footprint, plastic/single-use waste reduction, water usage, and other key sustainability metrics.

We use a multi-stage filtration process to turn your on-site tap water into the freshest, cleanest and most sustainable water available. Our ultrafiltration system removes impurities and bacteria while retaining natural minerals, resulting in a crisp and refreshing taste and the highest level of purity.

The Boomerang Bottling System is easy to install, with a compact size similar to a commercial ice machine that fits through any doorway. The system requires a water connection, power, and internet connection, just like a typical commercial appliance.

Installation requires:

  • 230v/60amp single-phase power supply with a 60 amp cutoff within 3 feet of the machine,
  • 50psi/10GPM dedicated cold water line with a 3/4 in. FPT ball valve water shutoff within 3 feet of the machine, and a 2″ (5.08 cm) floor drain within 3 feet of the machine.
  • Cat 5 internet connection within 3 feet of the machine is also needed for remote support and system monitoring.
  • With dimensions of 35” x 48” x 72” (88.9 cm x 121.92 cm x 182.88 cm) requiring 9’ of wall space, the Boomerang Bottling System can be installed in various “back of house” locations.

We provide comprehensive training for your employees, including in-person and online instruction covering operation, cleaning, and maintenance. We recommend having 2-3 dedicated bottling technicians. Our remote supervision and support ensure optimal performance, with regular check-ins and training refreshers to keep your employees up-to-date.

Boomerang can provide an initial quote based on location details including number of offices/hotel rooms, guests, employees, budget, event frequency and size, and hourly manual wage rates. With this information, we provide a custom quote that meets location-specific needs.

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