Frequently Asked Questions

While cost varies based on the size and need of each location (feasibility study, system vs. clean room container, custom bottle washer, recovery bins, etc.) our system lease starts as low as $2,500/month and our capped bottles can cost as little as 35¢ per unit, depending on usage and recovery.

Our bottles are far more durable and sustainable than plastic because they’re designed for infinite reuse, without the need for distribution or recycling.

Beyond the health risks from harmful chemicals leaching into plastic bottles contaminating the water inside, single use plastic is dangerous for the environment, from it’s excessive production and distribution to it’s low recycling rate. As a result, the majority of plastic bottles end up in landfills and waterways, where they cause further damage to our ecosystem.

We offer the convenience of a single-use water bottle but in an infinitely reusable green package, so we’re even more sustainable than the others since we require no shipping or recycling.

We’re currently available exclusively in the United States, at some of the finest hotels on the west and east coasts and the largest coal mines in the country, but we’re eager to expand. Since we’re disrupting the traditional distribution channel, we do not sell direct-to-consumer at this time, with the exception of a delivery service from our headquarters in Davidson, NC.

Our proprietary Nanotrite filtration system includes a broad spectrum particle adsorber with a dirt holding capacity that is 100 times greater than conventional filters, removing and reducing impurities down to .002 micron in size while delivering a crisp signature taste.

Absolutely. Our bottles offer a blank canvas for your company’s design and/or sustainable message.