Boomerang at Four Seasons

At Four Seasons Hualalai, the aluminum bottles are filled at the resort with fresh Hawaiian source water and made available to guests. The empty bottles are collected, sanitized in the system, and reused again. The bottles can be recycled endlessly without loss of quality. Seventy-five percent of all the aluminum ever produced in the history of mankind is still in use today.

Ball was Boomerang Water’s first choice to design and manufacture the  aluminum bottle for its system, Dibble says. “As a pioneer and global leader in sustainability and innovation, Ball has been a Boomerang ally and champion from the start.”

“Our ambition is to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation in aluminum packaging, together with pioneering companies like Boomerang Water,” says Jay Billings, president of Ball Aerosol Packaging at Ball Corp. “Ball’s aluminum bottles are ideal for resort guests to enjoy throughout their stay.  The shatterproof bottles are perfectly suited for the pool or the beach, they are sturdy enough to be refilled and reused a few times, and then they can be recycled again and again.”

Charlie Parker, Regional Vice President and General Manager, Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, stated that: “Our commitment to taking care of our island home by reducing our environmental impact is an integral element of Hualalai, and we are thrilled to debut the Boomerang Bottling System in an effort to further strengthen our mission to minimize waste and keep Hawaii clean.”