Custom in your branding

You can customize Boomerang bottles, beverage stations, and more in your branding—and underscore your company’s commitment to keeping single-use bottles out of local waterways and landfills. And with high levels of customization available, you never have to sacrifice style for sustainability.

Bottles that are sustainable AND customizable

Say goodbye to boring labels. Our in-house digital printing capabilities allow for full-color, 360-degree photorealistic graphics directly on Boomerang’s returnable aluminum or glass bottles.

Full-color options

We can print everything from one-color logos to complex, colorful designs.

Finishes, textures, and more

Higher levels of customization are available. Your imagination is the only limit!

A bottle for every occasion

Celebrate sustainably on any occasion, for all events, while seamlessly matching décor and branding!



Special events




Customize recovery crates and beverage stations

Our recovery crates and beverage stations use sustainable materials that are built to last and can be customized to your branding. Choose from a variety of options, including colors, and add your logo.

Get started customizing

We make it easy to add custom branding to your Boomerang system.

  • Complimentary simple logo
  • Minimum 256 bottles
  • 6-8 weeks processing time
  • Pricing information available upon request