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Ready to disrupt the bottled water market?

The bottled water market has grown consistently and rapidly over the past ten years and has exploded into a more than 200 billion dollar marketplace, with growth expectation continuing in perpetuity. In the US alone there are nearly 50 billion single-use plastic bottles sold annually. 

Boomerang offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity through its dealership program to competitively and economically disrupt the massive bottled water market.

The Model

Boomerang Water is a home and office delivery service that gives the dealership owner the ability to aggressively compete with the biggest bottled water producers offering highest quality, ultra-pure craft water in the most sustainable production and delivery method in existence. The boomerang home and office bottled water delivery service program is the most unique, attractive, profitable and sustainable bottled water service available today.

We provide everything you need to succeed.


•  A Turn-Key Operation
When approved to become a boomerang water dealership, the boomerang corporate team assists in every facet of set-up to guarantee you a complete turn-key operation. Boomerang Water has a fully staffed corporate office designed to assist you with site selection, logistics and set-up, any nominal construction build-out, equipment installation, regulatory mandates, marketing and website development, logistics recommendations, ongoing maintenance and backend tracking and data collection activities.

Boomerang Water takes a complete partnership approach…. Your success is our success!

•  Easy-to-Use Equipment
Although our equipment is state-of-the-art and highly sophisticated, it has been designed with computerized controls that automatically handle routine maintenance, so that even the least mechanically inclined individual will not be intimidated. Our system has also been designed to be environmentally friendly. Our system uses no chemicals in the purification process or the maintenance. We have also designed our system to use a minimal amount of power and water to reduce waste. We provide all equipment, including bottles, caps, filtration and more.

•  Comprehensive Training
We have developed a comprehensive training program for all dealerships. This training program is staffed by our knowledgeable and friendly corporate team. Your week-long training is held at our corporate offices near Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Want to learn more?

With the remarkable growth of the bottled water industry, boomerang water is blossoming into an essential need for consumers given the highest quality product delivered in the most sustainable circular economy and most convenient and friendly way for the consumer. If you have interest in becoming part of the boomerang revolution, fill out the contact form on this page, or call us today at 1-833-266-6420.

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